•   We are urgently looking for "CNC programmers and operators" for our Milling centers and Turning machines  














Marcel Peeters started in 1977 as secondary occupation a one -man-business . Main activity, prototype-machineconstruction. Due the succes, even in Spain, France, Argentina and the US , a company was founded calling "Constructie Werkhuizen Peeters-Stessens. Until his retirement in 1994 he still stayed under contract at AGFA-GEVAERT Antwerp as Machine-designer. Décembre 1995 he passed away very unexpectedly. 









Kris Peeters jointed de bussines after his studys industriël engeneer electro-mechanics in 1988. A new infrastucture was builded at Lier in 1990 . A new companny was born ,called " LIMA " abbreviation of LIerse Machinecompany . In 2000 became started besides machineconstruction with CNC turning and milling.